2010.09.29 Minutes

Agenda Items

  • Meeting times for the rest of the quarter (after a general discussion, I’ll send out an online poll to get specific times)
  • Our new website (we may take a group photo)
  • Seminar reception duties and schedule, catering rules
  • Fall graduate school panel for undergrads
  • Formulate a list of things we, as grad students, would like to be notified about for an upcoming discussion with Bill Cresko
  • Budget training meeting
  • Meeting with Brendan Bohannan
  • GrEBES invited Seminar speakers
  • Student seminars hosted by Physics students
  • Finding ways to spend GrEBES money
  • GrEBES budget (see OIMB budget example)
  • eegrads email list – annw@uoregon.edu new list manager
  • Gabe – winter reflections on teaching the first time

GrEBES Meeting




Meeting Times – Wednesdays at 5 PM seems to work for everyone who showed up, every other week.

New Website – Most agree that the meeting minutes should be public.  There is still majority (but not unanimous) agreement to make the meeting minutes google-able.  Many thank to Paul for making the site.

Seminar Reception Duties – CEEB pays us to do this.  From doing this, we have about 2500$ to spend, although we oughtn’t spend it all at once.  Having a trained bartender in the group would make receptions more fun, but we oughtn’t force anyone to do this.  Ann coordinates this, and people signed up.  Hooray!  Paul can provide access, upon request, to the GrEBES seminar calendar.

Fall Graduate School Admissions Panel – We should entice professors to make their students go.  To make it happen, Alida and Keaton with deliver the presentation, Tobias and Maya will participate in the panel, Ann will take care of advertising, Steven (and hopefully others) will hang fliers, and someone still needs to order pizza.  More people participating in the panel would be fine, too.

Notifications for Bill Cresko:
New students
New post-docs
Infrastructural grants
Training grants
Big Ideas grants (GrEBES should have an internal “Big Ideas” meeting)
Internal grant deadlines

Meeting with Brendan Bohannan – We’ll discuss with him what we hear from Bill Cresko

Invited Speakers – We will get the list from Jess Green and discuss it at our next meeting

Graduate Student Seminars – Would be once a month, conceived by physics students.  Would we like to participate (bearing in mind that they have receptions….).  We will get them to come talk to us, to see if it’s something in which we are truly interested.

Spending GrEBES Money – Tabled until next time, but we have money and should find productive ways to use it (e.g., the OIMB student travel grants).

GrEBES Budget Meeting – It’s coming up soon, the officers will meet internally and make sure that the appropriate person attends.

eegrads List Needs a New Manager – It’s Ann.

Reflections on Teaching for the First Time – Gabe will do this Winter Quarter (provided that he survives Fall Quarter, and people want to hear about it).

That is all.


One thought on “2010.09.29 Minutes

  1. paulcziko says:

    Things we came up with at the GrEBES meeting that we would like to be notified about.

    new students – asap, emails april 16th
    new postdocs
    Infrastructure/big collaborative grants (in process and funded)
    Training grants/ Big ideas grants (in process)
    Departmental head changes
    Institute Director Changes
    Hiring of new faculty
    Faculty leaving
    Dates of Holiday Parties

    Dates of retreats
    Grad Student Recruitment date
    CEEB Course Offerings (and what reqs they might satisfy)
    Internal training grants – deadlines to apply (and which are available, and to whom)
    Changes in Student Handbook
    Course requirements/curriculum
    General CEEB news

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