2010.10.13 – Minutes


Wednesday, October 13 at 5pm in 318 Pacific Hall

1. Dashiell, president of the Physics Students at UO, will be coming to visit with us for a few minutes to introduce the concept of the Graduate Student Seminars, and to see if we would be interested in participating.

2. Report Back from Liz P. and Paul C.’s meeting with Bill Cresko – Topic: things graduate students would like to be notified about, and the mechanism for doing so. There should be a nice segue into the next topic…

3.  Brendan Bohannan, the new head of the Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, will visit with us. Please post topics you would like to see discussed, or questions you would like asked, by email (to pcziko – at – uoregon.edu), or post below.


Grebes minutes 13 October 2010

Dash from Physics came to chat about a student-led seminar Meet 1-2 times per month, Grad students only, no profs allowed; Present on your own research, or topics of interest, Broad science seminar (physics, biology, cheminstry, CS, etc)

Format undecided, 15 minute, 50 minute presentations; “Highly informal”, no need for the research itself to be interdisciplinary

Seemed to be general interest, Steve McAllister is the contact for Grebes

Dash email: dash@uoregon.edu

Grad panel is tomorrow at 5pm, pizza provided

Seminar Monday is the IGERT invitee, please attend the reception; Ann is in charge of food

No official change in serving policy for CEEB

Bryn attended ASUO meeting last Thursday

ASUO is trying to address the catering policy, stay tuned

Need to discuss inviting speakers in an upcoming meeting

Four potential slots to fill, $1500 budget per speaker; For this year, next year; Post nominations to the wiki

Liz and Paul met with Bill Cresko

Communication between faculty and grads re: incoming students, recruitment, etc; Nothing finalized, but calendar of important events proposed; Possibility for official liason position within Grebes?

Brendan Head of CEEB

Proposed to meet with Grebes at least once per quarter for updates; Information he can share: recruitment, hires, promotions, committee heads

Topics discussed

Recruitment weekend is February 16-19th

Similar format to this year, 16 is CEEB only day, followed by standard bio

Weekend field trips

Matt Streisfeld is the recruitment organizer for CEEB for 2011

Feedback from 2010 is welcome, send any suggestions to Brendan (such as how to increase the pool of student applicants)

Goal is to increase cohort size, more likely new students will be supported by teaching more than in the past; Discussion of possibility of negative impacts, such a fewer; resources to go around, office space

Hopefully there will be more attention given to Masters program

Set a date following acceptance deadline for a list of incoming students to be given to Grebes

Trying to find more space for the new people, primarily in Onyx

*Side note: John Connery has joined CEEB officially


Brendan will provide a letter of support for next ASUO budget from Grebes

Internal grant deadlines will be in one place in the future

Dates for holiday party, retreat 2011 TBA

Curriculum meeting Nov 16 for course being taught by CEEB faculty next quarter

ION has new joint directors, Chris Doe and Shawn Lockery

Bill Cresko is the associate director of CEEB

Faculty searches underway in ION; for CEEB only possibility is replacement for Michelle should she stay at NOAA

Bill Cresko and Brendan Bohannan are up for promotions (associate and full professor, respectively)

Money requested for SIBS.  Grebes suggested it go into a fund for Grebes to organize joint events with SIBS to promote greater interactions among CEEB and ION/IMB

Ugly pictures in Pacific Hall hopefully will change to fancy touch screen

Minutes Taken By Becky Mueller – THANKS BECKY!


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