2010.10.27 – Agenda

GrEBES Meeting Wednesday October 27, 2010

5:00 pm, 318 Pacific Hall

Draft Agenda

1. Budget planing for ASUO budget due soon.

a. Budget brainstorm – what do we want, and what will we do with it

b. Surplus funds – Is there anything that we would like to support this year that we didn’t include in last year’s budget. What are our priorities?

c. Changing the budget from last year to make it easier to get reimbursed

2. GrEBES invited seminar speakers – we have the opportunity to invite 4 seminar speakers this year (2 winter, 2 spring) with about $1000 available for each speaker ($900 travel, lodging/ $100 honorarium).

a. Is this reasonableĀ  – is 4 speakers too many/ too much responsibility for GrEBES?

b. Would we like to coordinate this with a personal genomics seminar series?

c. What would the hosting situation be? 1 graduate student, 2 graduate students to share responsibilities?


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