2011.01.12 – Agenda

Hi EEgrads,
We have a GrEBES meeting this Wednesday at 5:00pm in 318 Pacific Hall. We have a few very important items to discuss. They are SO important that there will PIZZA at this meeting for you to eat! Yes, PIZZA.

1. Winter Retreat: Discuss winter retreat briefly and/or defer to a future meeting.

2. Special Request – Genomics: This Wednesday, at 7:00pm after our GrEBES meeting we are due in front of the ASUO Senate to defend a proposal (attached) to use $10,000 of supplementary funds for a Genomics Seminar Series. We will need several GrEBES to come to this meeting and we must plan in advance how we will be presenting and defending this proposal.

3. Budget request 11-12 GrEBES. Next Tuesday at 5:30pm we have to defend our annual budget. This is also a significant request, of about $5,000 and we will need several GrEBES representatives to come to this meeting too.

4. Updates on seminar speakers invited by the students.

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