2011.01.26 – Agenda

Agenda – Jan 26, 2011. 5pm 318 Pacific hall

1. Matt Streisfield visit re: Graduate Recruiting

  • A) In an attempt to keep everyone informed about the process, I would like to begin with a brief introduction about the applicants and the recruiting visit.
  • B)  Ask for assistance in coordinating and selecting hosts and tour leaders while the recruits are here. I would like to get this done soon, so the hosts can make contact with the recruits before their visit.
  • C) We are still in the process of figuring out the schedule ( 2010 scheduleCEEB-1) for the visit. I would like to brainstorm a little with everyone about what they liked/disliked about previous recruiting visits. Alternatively, based on their experiences from other schools, was there anything done that was particularly useful, exciting, etc? To get everyone thinking, I am attaching last year’s schedule to this email. At this point, the general schedule of events is the same, with some modifications. However, we are still flexible, and the schedule can be adjusted as needed. Please distribute before our meeting.

2. Announcements

  • Budget successes – $800 for Graduate Student Travel, $1000 x2 for Undergraduate research projects (matched by Biology for total of $2000), $5700 for Genomics seminar series.) Nominate committees to finalize application and advertising processes over summer.
  • Bend Winter Retreat- For all CEEB students. Feb 4,5,6. Travel, lodging and food likely covered by GrEBES. Please RSVP Now.

3. Feedback Requests

  • Winter Graduate Interview Panel – when should it be, who is going to do it? (5 minutes)
  • Personal Genomics Seminar Series – Speakers to invite, people to help etc. Invite Letter Draft – Bryn (15 minutes)
  • Professional Development Seminar – From Brendan: “Are CEEB grad students are interested in attending a “professional development” course taught by CEEB faculty? Such a course could cover topics such as grant writing, scientific communication, teaching effectiveness, how to craft CVs and teaching portfolios, etc.  If you are interested, I would like to know if you prefer to learn these skills in a “workshop” format (occasional meetings, in an ungraded, no-credit format) or a class setting (regular meetings, with P/NP grading and credit awarded).   There is a chance we might be able to offer such as course next year but only if there is sufficient interest. ” (5 minutes)
  • New Institute Name for CEEB: From Brendan: “The CEEB faculty have decided to move forward with making CEEB an official Institute (like IMB or ION).  There is increasing confusion every year among prospective students, faculty, colleagues and funders regarding what CEEB can or cannot do relative to an “Institute” like IMB.  CEEB has developed over the years essentially into an Institute but our name doesn’t reflect this (thus our decision to change our designation).  The next step for us is to choose a name (“IEEB” is not our first choice).  The ideal name would be an accurate portrayal of our scope, be inclusive, forward-looking (i.e. describe not only who we are but who we’d like to be) and result in a good acronym.  I would be very grateful for suggestions from GREBES of possible names.  The Oregon Institute for Very Extraordinary Ideas (OIVEI) is already taken ;-)” (5 minutes).

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