2011.03.16 – Agenda

Hi EEgrads,
There will be a GrEBES meeting today at 5:00pm in 318 Pacific Hall.
Apologies for the late notice.

0. General issues, inquiries, or items.

1. Sign up for Seminar Receptions Spring Term.

2. New Paperwork required when submitting reimbursements from GrEBES funds.

2. University Day at the Science Factory (Children’s Science Museum) –
May 21, 2010 – Announce and assess level of interest in participating.

3. Genomics Seminar Series update and duties.

4. UO Riverfront redesign and visioning process funds update.

5. The faculty are thinking about offering a workshop series/reading
group to focus on statistics. They would like examples of topics that
students would like to see covered.


One thought on “2011.03.16 – Agenda

  1. paulcziko says:

    Present: Liz, Keaton, Bryn, Steve, Ann, Schmgaybe, Alida, Paul

    University Day:
    Paul DNA
    Steve DNA

    O’Scmagaybe: Botany Systematics

    Liz: Jelly Bean Selection
    Ann: Jelly Bean Selection

    GFP or something: Keaton

    Seminar Series:
    Pam Ronalds Cancelled
    Nancy Press from (OHSU possible?)
    Art Caplan (UPenn)
    Find Crop Sci person from OSU?
    Running out of time with PSC from ASUO

    Dates: Lee Silver May 3, May 23 Carlos (Mon)/Seminar Tuesday, Bill C. April 5th (or March 29th), Need: 3rd week of April speaker

    Duties: Liz – Find room for April 5th (Lillis 183, PAC 125, Law Center, EMU?)

    Roo – Advertisements

    Steve – Press Release etc.

    Bryn – Website etc.

    Paul – Post website to UO page, Invite Art Robinson

    Coming out party: Everything nailed down by next Tuesday 3/22

    Bouncers – us or them?
    Tech services: Startup and during talks
    Microphones – for Q&A 2 mics, + base fee $31
    Video Feed/Audio Feed – media services
    Bryn Says under $600 per event for services
    Liz says: Other duties etc. for GrEBES

    Data reduction techniques
    Genomic analysis
    Transcriptome analysis
    Real (Applied) Quantitative Methods and Analysis (Principal Components etc.)
    Multiple Regression
    Structural Equation modelling
    Recursive partitioning trees
    MANOVA (But covered in Psych Stats)

    General comments: A workshop series would be really good, but a reading group would be worthless, for e.g. seminal papers are bunk – need hands-0n application. Needs to be more than “here are the papers”, needs to be actual analysis of data with examples and problem sets etc. Call in some other people to teach individual sections. Should be a course, not an ad-hoc reading group. Format of science teaching journal club: read stuff one week, teach or use stuff the next week. Must be a real course, take a lot of work.


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