20110330 – Agenda

Hi EEgrads,
There will be a GrEBES meeting today at 5:00pm in 318 Pacific. There are a few things on the draft agenda that are very important, please attend.

1. ASUO elections – Ben and Katie (President and VP candidates, www.benandkatie.org) asked to come speak to GrEBES briefly at 5:00. To be fair, the other serious candidates (www.uostudentsunited.org) have  been invited to come or provide a written platform but they haven’t yet responded. See the email attached below from Ben and Katie’s campaign. Vote on Duckweb by Tomorrow, 5:00pm, because as an ASUO group it actually matters to us who runs the ASUO.

2. GrEBES elections!!! Our very own elections will be held April 13th, 2011 in GrEBES at 5:00pm. Nominations for positions will start tomorrow. At today’s meeting we will briefly discuss the process and set up the nomination wiki. Last year’s nomination wiki is here for your info: Elections. Please begin to consider in what capacity you would like to serve, or who you would like to nominate.

3. The Individual in the Genomics Era seminar series update and duties – Bryn et al.

4. Current Topics/ Professional development etc.


One thought on “20110330 – Agenda

  1. paulcziko says:

    2. New potential positions, Website, Specific Line items (underGrEBES, Retreat, Travel, etc., Retreat retreat) – or use committees instead set up at the outset.

    New Committees for Each Line Item:
    Winter Retreat
    Grad Panel x2
    Prof. Development x2
    Conference Travel award
    Seminar series

    Places to put the posters around town and around campus:
    1. Residence Halls – 70 BW (paul)
    2. Liz – Event Services cases in EMU
    3. Big one in the downtown library (Anne)
    4. Coffee shops
    5. City club of Eugene
    6. Restaurants
    7. Holy Cow
    8. MOC
    9. Health Center – UO
    10. Donna

    For future – WOW hall service
    Paul – tacks

    Steve – GTFF
    Paul – ASUO listserv

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