20110413 – Agenda

We will have a GrEBES meeting today at 5:00pm in 318 Pacific Hall. We will have our yearly elections today, so in order to have an efficient meeting please help nominate, second, and accept or decline nominations on the wiki. Please come and vote!

There are a few things on the agenda:

1. Nomination for Graduate Coordinator Award
2. Science Factory University Day
3. Speaker invitations update
4. Individual in the Genomic Era updates, duties, and t-shirts
5. Discussion of GrEBES committees
6. Officer Elections


2 thoughts on “20110413 – Agenda

  1. paulcziko says:

    0. Resource for current graduate students on the website. Starting with how to finish your dissertations. Also suggests put DAC reports, proposals, etc. in the Members only section of the website. Paul will find the password to the members only section of the website.
    1. Moved to item 4.
    3. Tobias has a person coming on May 9, but Tobias won’t be in town. He needs a replacement host. Tobias will organize his schedule, then pass off to becky.
    4. Next grebes meeting – Seminar invite – post ideas to wiki.
    4+. IGE seminar series – $1300 left over at this point.
    Liz will figure out how much more it would cost to have an overflow room for Lee Silver. Make quarter sheet flyers. Paul will talk to Emerald – Get KLCC to cover it. T-shirts – interest by most people to pay part of own. Everyone gets their own. Ceremony passing off t-shirts.

    President: Liz
    Pres In training: Ann
    Secretary: Paul
    ASUO: Alida
    GTFF: Steve
    Seminar Receptions: Roo
    Treasurer: Keaton

    Committees –
    Serminar Invite: Roo, Ann
    Undergrebes: Ann, Alida
    Travel Awards:
    Prof Development:
    Seminar Series:
    Budget: Keaton

  2. Gabriel says:

    I just talked to Jess Green, who is looking for a GrEBES member to vote on student presentations/posters in May. Let’s talk about this at our next meeting. Not to prejudice the discussion, but this seems like something that one of our UnderGrEBES people should do.

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