20110427 – Agenda

Hi EEgrads,
We have a GrEBES meeting today in 318 Pacific Hall. We have a few important things to discuss:

1. Finish forming GrEBES committees
2. IGE Seminar Series –  Pick up and distribute flyers etc.
3. Grad Application Panel – Tuesday May 10, 5-6 pm (?) – need volunteers, advertisement
4. Budgetary issues
5. UnderGrEBES  and Grad Travel award – discussion of selection criteria and advertising
6. Gabe – Jess Green Poster Judge

7. Prof Development Seminar ideas


One thought on “20110427 – Agenda

  1. pcziko says:

    1. Tabled until 2 wks.
    6. Alida will do poster judging. Alida will contact Jess about this.
    2. pick up flyers, snacks before no alcohol, Keaton, Bryn, Liz, et al. for dinner. Donation box, GrEBES nametags.
    3. Grad Application panel – Alida and Paul present, Keaton, Steve. Paul print ads. Advertise on email etc.
    4. Considered the possibility of over-summering 56k riverfront visioning funds in GrEBES. No objections, paul will look into it more.
    5. Add Grad student projects and interests on GrEBES website – emphasis on students that want/need ugrads.
    6. undergrebes will report to GrEBES in 2 wks.
    7. postdocs roundtable – have it during the day? Steve K., split advisors (Paul H., Rongzhong), Permadoc (Jamie, susie), New (Jana) – Late June.

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