Hi EEgrads,
We have a GrEBES meeting today. There are some important items on the agenda, and some chips and cookies in the cupboard:

1. Misc. small items.
2. Discuss Seminar Receptions and ways to improve service/reliability
3. Individual in the Genomic Era series, Analysis of Lee Silver and discussion of possible actions
4. Draft report from the underGrEBES committee on application and selection process
5. Grad Panel report and discuss doing it for SPUR this summer

Please let me know if you would like to add anything to the agenda.



One thought on “20110511-Agenda

  1. paulcziko says:

    2. Seminar Reception stuff: Foolproof mechanism: 1. Coordinator emails signed-up person to pick up food on Sunday, 2. Seminar Coordinator signs up for email/text reminder from gcal or other. 3. Seminar coordinator checks for food on Monday. 4. Pita chips, salsa, drinks, non-perishable backup. 5. Practice the routine quarterly.

    3. censored

    4. Seminar invite: Roo, Ann
    Undergrebes: ann, alida, keaton
    Travel awards: Braeden, Paul, Steve
    Prof. Development: Becky, Roo, Braeden
    Retreat: Bryn, Becky
    Seminar Series: Roo, Alida, Paul, Steve
    Outreach: Paul, Steve, Alida

    5. Grad Panel: Steve, Alida, Keaton, (Paul), Roo, Braedan (middle, End of June). Paul will set up a time/double check with presenters).

    Other ideas: Professional Development: NSF grant writing

    Mta: Braeden 6:03pm

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