20110831 – Minutes

8-31-11 GrEBES meeting
Notetaking – Paul C.

sept 15 bbq:
Host: Paul (unless RSVPs are excessive)
Beer:  Keaton
Food:  Liz, Roo, Alida
Invite: Liz
Number of people: 30 people
– Paul will figure out what is needed: Chairs, Plates, Glasses, at Tobias’ house
– Need Table, Tablecloths
– silverware
– recycling/trash etc.

– To get from Tobias:

4 folding chairs

Dozen plates

Bring your own mug

485 River rd , driveway goes through chain link fence.

Line Item Committees:
Undergrebes: Ann*, Keaton, Alida
Already met once:
Most important:

What graduate students want an Undergrebe

            Potential projects etc.
Keaton will send out an email to get sponsor interest
Potential Undergrebe sponsors: Liz, Keaton, Roo

Working on a flyer, application, website etc. Will have done before school starts

Travel Awards: Braeden*, Paul, Steve
Needs to meet soon to figure out what this will fund
Need to meet in the next week or so
Contact braeden

Prof Devt: Roo*, Becky, Braeden
Already met

Interested in post-doc and faculty application panels

    Probably separate PD meetings – faculty and post-doc

Came up with a list of post-docs to come, need to find times when they can meet.

Will figure out times at first meeting of the term

Winter Retreat:  Keaton*, Steve

Becky and Bryn will not be on the committee

Grad Panel (?): Paul*, Alida, Adam
Do we want to do an applying and a interview or simply an applying 2x?
Committee needs to decide how this would happen
Is this bundled under outreach?

Other Committees:
Seminar Invite: Ann*, Roo*
New weird format, is this ok?
How does this affect GrEBES money?
Noon-12:30 seminar, 4pm lab meeting on Monday.
Should GrEBES talk to the faculty about this new format?
Why wasn’t GrEBES consulted?
Liz will contact Jess and Brendan, and try to get them to come to GrEBES
Students are unhappy with the new format

Outreach: Paul, Alida, Josh, Adam
Science factory, plant walks, etc.
no chair
people bring ideas to the group

Public Seminars: Roo, Alida, Paul, Steve*
Do we want to do it?
Bryn says: don’t pay an honorarium
Liz, Bryn, Steve did it last year
Does it need to be a series, or can it be just unrelated talks?
Should the faculty be invested in it from the outset? Paul says yes, Bryn says no.
Who will take the lead?
Should it be about microbial genomics and ecology etc.
Should we do it every year, or every other year?
Local or non-local.
This group will sit down and have a beer, decide what to do.
Liz, Bryn, Steve will sit down.
Budget: Paul, Ann, Liz*, Keaton
Will meet soon.

Liz will send out a list of the executive and a mission statement to the faculty.


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