2.6.12 Minutes

Recruitment weekend:

17 recruits visiting
Matt needs list of who is willing to host and availability of hosts (not list from Lynne) ASAP
Ann (and someone else?) will work with Matt to assign hosts
Interviews are Friday morning (and Thursday too)
Meet with students on Wednesday night? Take to dinner?
Hosts should email (or call) recruits before they arrive
Lunch both days (Thursday and Friday)

Morning – IEE overview, research intros by PIs
Split group into two – half tour campus, half interview, switch for afternoon
Need senior students to take recruits on campus tours on Thursday
Have labs open on Thursday – no formal presentations or anything
Opening remarks late Thursday afternoon then poster session
Poster session – please participate
Big screens – send Matt science-y images and recreation images (ppt slides or jpegs)

All at interviews Friday morning – some down time
Have senior students give 10-15 talks about their research in PAC 327, students that aren’t interviewing can sit in
Can be informal – doesn’t need to be data-heavy
King Estate in the afternoon – need drivers
Dinner at Patrick’s house – need drivers

Spencer Butte hike – need drivers

Other items:
We should start taking attendance at meetings if we want level of involvement in GrEBES to be considered in awarding travel scholarships
OrgSync – maybe Liz will set up GrEBES page
Graduate students should plan to invite two seminar speakers for next quarter
Jess Green is interested in working with GrEBES to host a TEDx event next year (this would probably instead of our public seminar series) – what is the level of interest?
We will talk more about how to allocate stipend funds at another meeting when we have more info about how we can funds around between lines items and/or accounts

In attendance: Kristin, Alida, Becky, Steve, Keaton, Thom, Ashley, Holly, Adam, Ann, Josh


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