4.4.2012 Minutes

1 – Seminar series – Advertising budget.

  • Execs will get together to go through budget
  • We will poster advertise with WOW hall
  • Change poster for each seminar
  • Becky will take charge of getting t-shirt ordering set-up
  • Other advertising – emails, calendars -> Roo will touch base with Steve M. about this


2 – UnderGrEBES mini-symposium – what do we want this to be? when?

  • Rotation talk style
  • Write up – long abstract format (1 page), we need record what they did, what they spent money on, due at presentation
  • Ask them what week they would like to present


3 – Graduate school panel this term – when? who can help out?

  • 5 pm, Pacific 327, May 3 – Alida, Keaton, Ashley, Thom
  • Pizza – Becky says not Papa John’s
  • Paul is reserving room
  • Ann will do advertising – fliers and emails


4 – Other (ASUO elections, GTFF)

  • Ashley is running for ASUO senate representing the grad school – Vote!
  • GTFF stuff
    • GMM this Friday
    • Elections starting this Friday
    • Bargaining this Tuesday 1:30 Rogue Room
    • Still don’t know what is going to happen as a result of grievance with Bio Dept involving BPTs and grading – workload is increasing for GTFs


5 – Scientific conference travel

  • We got a free flight!
  • Still need to work on how to use stipend $

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