4.17.12 Minutes


– stipend
– travel scholarships
– t-shirts
– student housing

– send out request for t-shirt orders very soon (Becky will email)
– 10 day turn around for t-shirt printing
– or order t-shirts in bulk ($75 to set up silk screen each time)
– need to order 38 shirts to get discount
– maybe no color option – just style and size options?
– maybe not organic shirt to drop price (Becky will check on)

– $2475
– all for travel
– one extra travel scholarship this year
– let stipend $ trickle in, build up in fund-raising account
– when fund-raising account gets up to certain level – open up travel scholarship for applications
– leave it up to individual if they want to report scholarship as income
– executives to whom stipend is paid will receive 15% of the total amount paid to them to offset any taxes paid (should they choose to report it)
– two executives get $137/mo and deposit $117 into ASUO account


Travel scholarships
– July 1 – Dec. 31
– fund out of line item
– 2 students
– flight too
– student can apply for $ and flight
– Jan. 1 – June 30
– fund from stipend pool
– Paul will send out application, due 30 days after
– define active GrEBES membership as attendance at 6 meetings/year

Resources for finding housing in Eugene
– Keaton will take lead
– send him info on general where you leave
– make it a google doc that we can all edit
– list of good/bad rentals companies
– dog friendly places

State of the institute address (Brenda or Bill or both) next meeting 5.2.12
– be sure to ask about recording IEE seminars


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