5.2.12 Minutes


Paul C. Taking notes

Ashley, Keaton, Adam, Thom, Braeden, Becky,Kristin, Josh, Holly, Roo

From Ann’s email:

– Applying to graduate school panel this Thursday (5/3) at 5 pm, 327 Pacific
– Next Microbes and the Modern World seminar, Jessica Green, May 8 at
7 pm, Lillis 182
– Travel scholarship applications due May 11
– UnderGrEBES mini-symposium is scheduled for June 13 from 5-6:30 pm,
327 Pacific

-Personal information available on Duckweb update.

1. Brendan Arrives 5:02.

New Graduate Students

8 Official (1deferred, 1 deferring) – which means addition of 7 PhD students. Wanted to increase the size of the class, so the fac did what they wanted. Wasn’t as big as they were hoping. Brendan will give the list to Keaton. Don’t yet know where they will live.

GrEBES will send an official welcome that will introduce issues like rotations, and getting those lined up asap. Also, Keaton put together a google map of the neighborhoods, places to live. Will disseminate that as well.

Issues with recruitment as Brendan sees it: Not allowed to drink at lunchtime, poor form. Ion/IMB got out of hand. Open bar was an issue at Alumni center.

Faculty recruitment: Van Savage – got tentative offer, an try to get his partner a teaching position too. Will know more by the end of the quarter. Kelly Sutherland – offer from the Honors college – would be OIMB/Associate member of IE2.

Recruiting faculty on Campus – John Connery, Nelson Ting (anthro) to IE2.

More faculty? IE2 has put a request for a “fundamental questions in ecology and evolution that requires analysis and development of new approaches to complex datasets”. Will know in July.

Michelle Wood: technically back in the fall. Will be teaching winter quarter next year.

Retreat: Do we need a retreat? Faculty meeting addressed this at a big meeting recently – and they re-committed to doing a retreat, since they thought it was useful. Three things important for this retreat: 1. Town hall, 2. Social time – science and hang out 3. Faculty get together to discuss long range planning. 4. If Grad Students had an afternoon together at the retreat – what would be the best use of our time?). Tentative dates for 2012: Sept 21, 22, 23 two nights, one full day.

Biology Department changes: SMART program for undergraduates – research experience for undergraduates. Search for students – $1000 for stipend or research support/materials etc. NOMINATE students.

Future faculty meeting – should the IEE graduate program change deadlines etc. Course requirements etc?

Are there courses that IEE students would want to take at OSU – since this is potentially possible. Like OIMB. Paul will send Brendan the person that teaches Statistics over a short time at OIMB. IEE can potentailly support either version.

Also potential for us to have distance learning. Joe is interested in teaching courses at both places, UO and UChicago.
If there are 3-6 graduate students that want to take a course or distance learning etc. then it can be made to happen. Students have to take the initiative on this.
Joe: Would like to have split affiliation.Will present this to the Department at some point. 3 weeks a month in Chicago, 1 week here/month. Courses he teaches in chicago will be available here, have uo/chicago joint courses etc. Summer courses here in Oregon, perhaps.
Environmental science institute: Officially launched by July 1. Will eventually be an independent institute, but now under IEE/Biol. Scott Bridgham will be the director to start.
Question from Paul – will we have our lectures recorded/online? Yes. Paul will take it to Sara to get it resolved.
Grad School panel – Keaton and Thom will lead the PowerPoint presentation.
Undergrebes – need to make an announcement for undergrebes, put up fliers.
BPT grievance: BPTs can no longer get paid. Various issues with this. Are there students that would like to have a GTF for grading only – as this would potentially replace the BPTs. Long discussion about how we can resolve the issue. Talk to Thom for details.




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