5.16.12 Minutes

GrEBES meeting notes 5.16.12

Undergraduate symposium judge
– send Roo, Becky, Keaton contact info for scheduling

Officer nominations
– President – Ann (Alida)
– President in training – Ashley (Keaton)
– Secretary – Keaton (Roo)
– Treasurer – Thom (Ashley)

Nothing contested – these are the officers for next year!

– UnderGrEBES – Roo
– Travel – Keaton
– Grad Panel – Thom
– Prof Devel – Ann
– Retreat – Ashley
– Seminar – Roo (Origins of Life theme?)

Travel scholarship
– Two applicants for $800 (Liz and Tobias)
– No applicants for flight
– Tobias will be going to Ithaca over the summer to work with collaborator – may be able to use flight, which would free up $800 grant for Liz to use
– Tobias and Liz will discuss before next meeting and come up with a proposal to bring to GrEBES
– GrEBES will discuss and vote on their proposal at the next meeting


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