9.26.12 Minutes

  1. Welcome to new students, Keaton, Roo, Ashley, and Ann gave a description of what Grebes is and what is does
  2. Preview of upcoming year’s events and check in with committees:
    1. Undergrebes – Roo
      1. Ann and Roo will collaborate to get him the appropriate documents
    2. Travel – Keaton, Tobias
      1. We need to figure out deadlines for this year, esp. since we’ll be getting stipend money
    3. Grad panel – Thom
      1. On Oct 18 at 6pm
    4. Professional dev – Ann
      1. Careers outside of academia
      2. ?
    5. Retreat – Ashley, Lucas
      1. Ideas for options besides Sun River near Bachelor
    6. Seminar – Kirsten A, Lucas, Andrew, Holly
      1. Do we want to do a TEDx event?
    7. Tuesday seminar receptions –
  3. Volunteer for PCM meeting – oct 4, 4 – 5 pm: Ann and Thom have volunteered
  4. Budget process is starting again!
    1. Benchmark memo due in a month: add or eliminate programs?
  5. Need to schedule meeting of executives
  6. Need to schedule state of the institution address with Brendan
  7. Screening of film of Bitty’s research in Ecuador on the 16th in Willamette 100, at 7:30

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