10.10.12 minutes

  1. TEDx: there is another group trying to do one on campus, might limit Jess’s time to help us, as well as our ability to host on campus in general, maybe put it off
  2. Special seminar series: we did in house last year, bring in speakers this year?
    1. Ideas: climate change, evolutionary medicine, modern evolution, exobiology, human mediated change,
    2. Ann will put ideas in a google doc that can be edited by grebes folk, and topic with the most ideas and speakers will be the winner
  3. Ashley talked about the retreat.
    1. People are asked to let Lucas and or Ashley know if they have any activities they want to lead during the retreat.
  4. The grad panel is on 10/18 at 5pm in pacific 327
    1. Please help put up flyers for the panel all over campus
  5. Next meeting, Brendan will be visiting to update us on the state of the institute
  6. IEE foundation acct: reimbursements require special forms that are available in the mailroom. There is now another form that we will be using for Grebes records, so please fill out both when you get reimbursed.
  7. Prices on the UO catering menu have gone up a little; we’re down to 4 or 5 options. We may need to request an increased budget
  8. Issue to bring up with Brendan: the quarterly exam papers were released late this term, this same thing happened last year, too

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