10.24.12 minutes

Brendan Bohannan’s visit:
Question: why was the 1st years’ Fall quarterly exam a day and 1/2 late?
Answer: Joe Thornton was supposed to give it, but with his position in Chicago, it didn’t work out, so Michelle Wood had to do it, but was informed of this late
New space: Onyx 390, Onyx 276A are now 1st year offices. Brendan described the META center for excellence grant that we received from the NIH, which will come with new space. IE2 will be getting the Barkan Lab. Kelly Sutherland’s lab will move into the shared molecular lab on the 4th floor of Onyx, and she’ll get the two offices in there for her and her students. Alida Gerritsen is leading the move of stuff from the shared molecular lab to the new space in Onyx.
Brendan reiterated that 1st years are not necessarily going to end up where they (or faculty) think they will, and they should be treated as such (even if they are going to end up where they think they will)
There are plans to renovate 327 to make it more usable for a number of things, including for Joe to teach here. IE2 is trying to get monies together to be able to do that over the next year.
John Conery is organizing the retreat again for next year.
Jess Green is still in charge of the seminars. The new format is still preliminary, and may change given feedback.
Grad recruiting: Dates are 2/13 (Wednesday evening) to 2/16 (Saturday field trip). Matt Streisfeld is organizing the retreat again.  Matt will talk to us about details sometime around January. The faculty are interested in expanding the size of the grad program (i.e. they want more students). But there will probably only be 10 or 11 IE2 recruits (unlike the ~18 of last year). Brendan asked for feedback on how it went.
Thom: the campus tours seemed to be thrown together at the last minute.
Brendan: shouldn’t be as big a problem this year with fewer recruits.
Feedback on King Estate, it might be on the chopping block
General consensus: the grad students are fans of it. It makes us feel special.
Brendan: How do we feel about IE2 remaining somewhat separate from the rest of Bio
Feedback: people seem to be happy with the separation. There seems to be cultural differences that are reflected in the separation, and that’s good. Having alternate options to the IMB/ION recruit party is a good thing. Amount of time with faculty and current students seems to be adequate. Not getting too big is a bad thing for recruiting.
Application fee with be required up front now, plus other changes to date etc from the admissions office
Faculty recruiting: Brendan is still lamenting not getting Van Savage.  New recruitment happening this year. Last year we did not get anyone who’s worked with big data, and they changed the wording to try to appeal to those candidates. The ad closes Nov 15th. Interview visits will happen during Winter quarter again, back to regular no lunch format. Two other searches: Neuroscience – mouse-model people, and a zebrafish-model person.
The budget for IE2 is especially tight. There is less discretionary money for the institute. We should still ask. The seminar series is going to probably be funded by the dept instead of the institute (more people coming from far away next year if we want). The only thing that will change is where the money is coming from.
Roo: GrEBES special seminar series needs money from IE2 and Biology, and it would be good for Brendan to keep that in mind.
New institute on campus: Environmental Science (ESI). They’re working out ways for people to be apart of 2 institutes at the same time.  Many IE2 faculty will want to be apart of the new institute. New seminar series, courses, other resources will be available.
Quarterly exams: Matt Streisfeld: Winter, Bill Bradshaw: Spring.
SMART(scientific mentoring and research training): money for undergrad research and stuff.
Vote on theme for special seminar:
Two top choices from the google doc:
Evolutionary Medicine & Exobiology
Thom and Kristin A championed Evolutionary Medicine (see google doc for specific people)
• human genetics and disease
• evolution of pathogens
• evolution of cancer
• antibiotic resistance
Roo championed Exobiology (see google doc for specific people)
• shadow biosphere – looking for genetic and genomic signatures of multiple geneses of life
• extremophiles (lichens)
• SETI – what it’s doing and why
• Life origins
• Curiosity mission and the search for life on mars
Vote count:
Evo Medicine:  4
Exobiology: 8
Attendance: Tobias, Ann, Roo, Ashley, Holly, Lucas, Christine, Thom, Andrew, Keaton, Adam, Kristin A.

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