Winter Retreat 2013


2012 has passed by and Grebes celebrated the coming year with another successful Winter Retreat in Sunriver, OR! Fun was had by all who attended! We got to do classic winter activities at Mt. Bachelor like snowshoeing, cross-country or alpine skiing, and snowboarding, and once we defrosted ourselves we had fun doing some fan-made improv skits together! See below for some pictures of the revelry (thanks Hannah and Christine!) and a selected list of the best of best of the improv skits we did together. And thanks to all who attended for making the retreat successful!


IMG_1389 IMG_1386 IMG_1380 IMG_1377


Gnome dies, and then his garden dies.

A vegan at the Texas state fair.

A scientist studies the way of life of a tribe of celery.

David Attenborough getting flirted with by an orangutan.

Yoga instructor mistakes sleeping pills for vitamin pills, now trying to each a class.

You graduate from college but your dad hates your major.

Goofy and Mickey Mouse bond over a hatred of beans.

Stealing the dreams of kittens with a harmonica.

A cloister of oysters getting moister.

Obama sits down with his daughter to have “the talk”.

PCR of beard microbes.

Seahorse giving birth to Zeus.

Competitive exclusion.

VCRs flirting.

Starting a fight then losing.

Backpackers run into a wild boar, and have tea with it.

Michael Jackson has pokemon fever.

Tai chi master battles a spiderweb.

A demon eats a banana underneath an umbrella with a monkey.

A family of penguins gets eaten by a killer whale.


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