Brendan Bohannan “State of the Institute” Spring 2013

In this past week’s Grebes meeting IE2 director Brendan Bohannan dropped by to deliver his quarterly “State of the Institute” Address. The following are some highlights:

 Incoming Graduate Students for Fall 2013

– Robert Steury

– Heather Archer

– Abigail Duffy

– Alexander Weimer

– Anya Hopple 

Congratulations to all of them!! 🙂


Update on Math-Bio Search

– Offers have been made to Danielle Bassett (who has since accepted another offer from somewhere else), Curtis Huttenhower, Christian Tomasetti, and Michael DiGeorgio , but nothing has been made official yet.


10 Year Review

Next month the Biology Department will have its 10 year review. We may be contacted over the next few weeks to arrange meetings with individuals who are interviewing members of the Department in order to compile a report that will let the administration and faculty know how Biology is doing, and what they can do to strengthen the Department.

Bruce Bowerman is in charge of letting us know how/when Graduate students should get involved in this process.


IE2 Director Elections

– Brendan Bohannan is nearing the end of his 3-yr term as Director, so a new Director will be elected soon!


Upcoming Sabbaticals

– Both Brendan Bohannan and Jessica Green will be on sabbatical from approximately June 2013-June 2014. Please contact them if you have questions about how their absence may affect their participation on your committees or your graduation. Brendan made it clear that even while on sabbatical, graduating students is still their top priority :).


327 Renovation

– The renovation of 327 Pacific Hall is moving forward. A decision on who is paying for what should be made by the end of the week. The goal of the renovation project is to upgrade the room to allow virtual meetings and distance learning to take place, using state-of-the-art fancy-schmancy equipment!


Fall Retreat

– will be local this year (no trip to OIMB), and is being organized by John Conery


Alternative Career/Career Training Options

– We discussed the need in IE2 for career training/alternative career options, and how we might access this information with help from the institute. The discussion centered around the need to 1) be given information on exactly what kind of “alternative” careers are out there, 2) figuring out how WE want to use our PhD skills, 3) figuring out how to convince someone ELSE that you have great skills because of your PhD, 4) and knowing what we need to be doing now to help prepare for potential careers later (i.e. teaching experience for a teaching job down the road).


– At an upcoming Grebes meeting we will continue this discussion, and our “homework” for Brendan is to find out how other institutes/universities have fulfilled these needs for their students.


If you have any questions, please contact myself ( or Brendan (


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