Meeting Minutes Oct 2nd

Grebes Agenda Items:


Who is Grebes? What do we do? Thom and Ashley will give a quick overview of the Grebes budget/activities for the quarter and the year.


Group Photo!!!! Everyone look pretty!!!!!!

1. Bill Cresko’s “State of the Institute” address to Grebes
2. Public Seminar Series – Biology in Spaaaaaaace!
Kristin will give a short overview of the speakers we have confirmed to speak for the Series.
We will discuss as a group what we think the overall theme should be next week, start thinking of a good title, and possibly an image that will be associated with advertising and/or merchandise.
We will also discuss the further tasks that need to be delegated to Grebes’ members.
1. Advertising
2. Fundraising

3. IE2 logo? Do we want to do this? Contest?


5:00-5:20 Bill Q&A

  • weekly seminar – Matt Streisfeld & Michelle Wood on Seminar sub-committee
  • grad students encouraged to invite speakers (through lab or through Matt Streisfeld)
  • training grant money for inviting speakers, too


5:20-5:23 Group Photo!

5:23-5:41 Thom Budget

5:41-6:02 Kristen Seminar Update

  • Chris McKay
    • May 7th
    • Aliens out there? Mars Mission, NASA
    • Lynn Rothschild –
      • ApriL
      • Synthetic Biology, microbes in extreme environments
    • Maggie Turnbull –
      • Beginning of May? End of June?
      • Global Science Institute, help id planets that could host life, “freelance astrobiologist”
    • Advertisement – Andrew, Holly, Lucas, Roo
      • Poster, tagline, designed
      • Weekly Ad – two weeks before with all speakers
      • Specific posters for each lecturer as part of series
    • Kristen – arrange rooms
    • Asking for funds


For next meeting:

  • Think about tag-lines & vote on theme & tag line
  • Tee-shirt idea tabled until next meeting




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