October 16th, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Grebes Agenda Items:

Come up with title and tag line for the seminar series!

Chris McKay – May 7th

     member of NASA

     mars mission guy

     studying life in extreme environments elsewhere

     alien biology, novel biochemistry

Lynn Rothschild – April

     understanding life (microbes) in extreme environments on earth

     NASA’s synthetic biology dept.

     elucidate evolutionary principles, or create new ones

Maggie Turnbull – end of may/beginning of june, less flexible

     freelance astrobiologist

     non-profit global science institute

     tries to identify habitable planets for life

     big catalogs of planets, stars, etc.

     honorarium – $250


Discuss and brainstorm possible IE2 logos/designs for Tshirts

Dates for the graduate panel



Thom Nelson, Ashley Bateman, Allison Fuiten, Kristen Alligood, Lorien Reynolds, Felipe Campos, Heather Archer, Holly Arnold, Adam Burns, Andrew Nishida, Christine O’Connor, Lucas Nebert, Dan Thomas

Meeting Minutes
5:00 – 5:14 – Bill
“Seminar-lunch” is now “seminar-light-lunch”.
Winter seminar is a job search

5:14 – 5:19 – Christine
Advertising for grad panel on org sync and printed out flyers

5:19 – 5:48 – Catch phrases and themes for exobiology series
Our working title:
****Earth, Mars, and Beyond; Life at the Limits****

Other suggestions were:

Earth, mars and beyond
Biology in Space
Life is out there
Life at the limits; Exobiology and the search for ET
The final frontier of life
Biology in space; life at the limits on earth, mars, and beyond
The limits of life; earth mars and beyond

5:48 – 5:55 – Allison
Tshirts design for IEE

Next Meeting – Travel Awards


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