Meeting Minutes – November 13th, 2013

Grebes Agenda Items:


The following items are on the agenda:

1. Update on public seminar series

– Dates for speakers?

– Update from Roo, Lucas (and Hannah) about artwork ideas

2. Professional Development updates from Adam Burns

3. Budget for 2014-2015 in process.



Thom Nelson, Ashley Bateman, Allison Fuiten, Kristin Alligood, Dan Thomas, Adam Burns, Lorien Reynolds, Andrew Nishida, Anya Hopple, Christine O’Connor, Roo Vandegrift, Alex Weimer




5:00-5:10 Travel Awards Q&A –

  • due today @ midnight
  • discussion if stipend funds could be used for other research needs other than travel awards.


  • seminar on Wednesday at 7pm
  • Lynn Rothschild – last week in April 23rd or the 30th? Preference for the 30th
  • Chris McKay – scheduled for May 7th
  • Maggie Turnbull – scheduled for May 28th

5:18-5:19 Roo and Lucas and Hannah will continue coordinating artwork for seminar series

5:19-5:33 Adam Burns – Professional Development

  • Nonacademic career themed panel
    • Adam talked with Geneva Foster at CABS
    • Geneva: have people come to University of Oregon for other talks and then schedule her to come to talk about nonacademic careers over coffee & donuts
    • Want people in panel who have PhD
    • Potential people for winter panel: Life Technologies, Eric Johnson, Jason Boone (Floragenetics), would like someone in government jobs
      • Skype in panel members?
      • Kristin Alligood & Dan Thomas have possible contacts
      • Adam requests names of people with PhDs that are willing to come give talks. Particularly, people who hold the government positions.

5:34-5:20 Budget for 2014-15

  • cap on student fees, so being more conservative on asking for money from ASUO
  • asking for same amount as last year, except a little more for seminar series and took out video feed

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