Meeting Minutes – January 29th 2014

Grebes Agenda Items:

Agenda for first Grebes’ meeting of Winter term: 1.15.14

1. Bitty Roy will come talk to us about helping with recruitment
2. Spring Seminar Series – Update from Kristin
– Vote on Final Title!!
3. Reminder to go to job talks this quarter
4. Update from Lucas on Winter Retreat
5. Update from Adam Burns on Prof. Development

Thom Nelson, Ashley Bateman, Allison Fuiten, Dan Thomas, Lorien Reynolds, Andrew Nishida, Christine O’Connor, Alex Weimer, Heather Archer, Kyle Meyers, Lucas Nebert, Adam Burns, Felipe Campos


5:05-5:13 Bitty Roy – Grad Recruiting
• 5 recruits
• two people in charge of walk around town – Lorien & Roo
• Winery open to hosts along with the recruits
• Thom & Ashley driving
• Hosts: Anya, Kyle, Abby, Alex, Christine
• Heather – driving to Patrick’s &/or hiking
• Dinner at Patrick’s for hosts and driver only
5:14-5:15 “Astrobiology: Life at the Limits” voted as official title
5:16-5:24 Reiteration of Grebes’ Attendance Requirements:
• Lilis 282 & 181 – holds 240 people – voted on for location
o Supervisers from business school is $15.50 per hour
• Will plan to record lectures
5:25-5:35 Winter Retreat
• Lucas in charge of organizing
• March 1st
• Three yurts together at Devil’s Lake campground, two hours away
• One bunk bed, one double bed per yurt – Saturday to Sunday
• $48 per yurt
• 12 people interested
• Pet policy?
5:35-5:37 Encourage GrEBES members to attend Job Talks
• Dan Thomas & Lorien Reynolds
• Need to submit a blog post – email Allison
• This quarter $800 for research
5:37-5:59 Professional Development Update
• Adam Burns in charge of organizing
• Problem with bringing panelists in
• Floragenetics rep coming
• Biochemist from Grant’s Pass; consultation job
• Oregon Fish & Wildlife rep? Dan’s friend
• Forestry Service
• Winery scientists?
• Tech-transfer lab?
• Tom Titus?
• Jason from Falling Skies?
• Please email Adam with names and contacts with people in Eugene that might be good to have on panel.


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