Meeting Minutes – February 26th 2014

Grebes Agenda Items:

-The Winter Retreat will be rescheduled for a later time, likely at the very beginning of Spring quarter.
– Spring Seminar Series updates:
Fundraising is completed! Advertising will begin soon.
– Reminder: go to job talks!
Philipp Messer: “Understanding the rapid evolution of pesticide and drug resistance”
Job Talk: February 25 (Tuesday) @ 2pm in Klamath 331
Future Directions: February 26 (Wednesday) @ 10am in LISB 217
– Potential update from Adam Burns on Professional Development Series
– Reminder: Register for Spring term, starting yesterday!

Thom Nelson, Ashley Bateman, Allison Fuiten, Lorien Reynolds, Christine O’Connor, Lucas Nebert, Adam Burns, Robert, Anya Hopple, Kristin Alligood, Roo Vandegrift, Abby Duffy,


5:00-5:04 Winter Retreat
• Postponed until Spring!
5:04-5:05 Encourage GrEBES members to attend Job Talks
5:05-5:12 OIMB Faculty Job Search
• March 7: Wes Dowd (ecological, physiological, molecular and evolutionary responses to environmental stress, evolution of thermal tolerance, proteomics)) – talk at 10AM, KEATS CONLEY – LUNCH HOST, Josh?
• March 14: April Blakeslee ] (parasite ecology, invasive species) – talk at 10AM, SILVIA PAJARES – LUNCH HOSTS – Roo, Abby
• March 19: Mark Christie (molecular ecology and evolutionary, biology of fishes, theoretical population genetics, measurement of dispersal) -talk at 10 AM, LUNCH HOSTS – Ashley and Thom, Robert
• April 9: Chris Kenaley (systematics and evolution of functional morphology in fishes) – talk at 2PM LUNCH HOSTS – Allison, Kristin
• April 16: Felipe Barreto (population genetics, evolution of mating systems and parental care, pycnogonids and harpacticoids as model systems,) talk at 2PM, LUNCH HOSTS –Christine
5:14-5:15 Spring Seminar Series Update
• Fundraising done – about $3000 raised!
• Will start advertising soon
• Robert will head up advertising team
5:15-5:18 Professional Development Update
• Adam Burns in charge of organizing
• Working with CABS to collaborate on a panel of speakers (Tom Stevens – Faculty member in chemistry)
• Starting own company that’s biology related
• Government Job panelist & bio company start-up themed panelist


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