Meeting Minutes – April 7th 2014

Grebes Agenda Items:

This year’s seminar series – updates!
Next year’s seminar series – let’s choose a topic! Or at least think about some potential topics….
We will be having several Travel/Research Awards to apply for this Spring – stay tuned!
Undergrebes – we need a new committee chair!
Grad Admissions Panel – led by Christine!
Lucas – winter retreat RSVP!
Adam – upcoming professional development series!

At 6pm, following the Grebes meeting, there will be a big GTFF session led by Dan Thomas and Steve McAllister in Pacific 327.

Thom Nelson, Ashley Bateman, Allison Fuiten, Christine O’Connor, Alex Weimer, Robert, Heather Archer, Lorien Reynolds, Kyle Meyers, Adam Burns, Felipe Campos, Abigail Duffy, Anya Hopple, Dan Thomas, Lucas Nebert

5:03-5:5:05 Grad Admissions Panel Update
• led by Christine
• May 12th or 13th? 5pm
5:05-5:5:07 Undergrebes
• Happening this Spring
• Alex Weimer will be organizing Undergrebes this year
5:07-5:12 Professional Development Update
• Update from Adam Burns
• April 23rd, 2pm, 350 Williamette panel – starting your own private Bio-business
o Panelists are lined up!
• May panel – teaching panel
o Allen Kelly, Jana Prikyrl, Julie
• Both panels in collaboration with CABS
• Times during the day to hold the panel?
5:12-5:5:18 GrEBES Spring Retreat
• Happening this Spring
• Organized by Lucas
• Saturday, April 19th
• 3 yurts & camping site
• Leave Saturday morning, come back on Sunday
• Food: bring your own food
5:12-5:5:18 Travel Awards
• 2 $800 dollar awards
5:19-5:35 Spring Seminar Series
• Requesting for surplus fund
• Wednesday April 16th
• Topic for next year? Tropical Ecology
5:35-5:5:27 GTFF update
• meeting in 327 – pizza


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