Meeting Minutes – April 22th 2014

Agenda items:
Travel Award – 2, $800 awards for conference or research-related travel. Apply by May 1!
Undergrebes Awards – 4, $500 awards for undergraduate research. Apply by May 1!
Professional Development Panel – April 23rd, 2pm, Willamette 350 (Biology Careers in Industry & Biotechnology)
Undergraduate Panel – led by Christine, time/place TBD
2014, 2015 Spring Seminar Series updates

*** We need people – grad students, post-docs, faculty – to join our speakers for coffee, lunches, and dinners. Please let Kristin Alligood know if you are interested!

Thom Nelson, Ashley Bateman, Allison Fuiten, Kristin Alligood, Christine O’Connor, Alex Weimer, Robert, Heather Archer, Adam Burns, Abigail Duffy, Dan Thomas, Lucas Nebert, Braedan McCluskey


5:00-5:5:09 UnderGrebes Application due soon
• award money needs to be spent by June 30th
5:09-5:5:13 Professional Development tomorrow!
• April 23rd, 2pm, Willamette 350
• Biology Careers in Industry & Biotechnology
• Maybe remove this from line item from budget in future? Overlaps with CABS too much?
5:14-5:19 FertiLab Thinkubator
• Open House for U of O students, April 29th 5pm
• 390 Lincoln St.
• Provide shuttle service? Advertise through CABS?
5:20-5:5:20 Undergrad Panel
• Thursday, May 8th
5:20-5:5:31 Spring Seminar Series
• Lynn next week & schedule almost filled
• Chris in two weeks & schedule almost filled
• Reception from 5 to 6 before seminar
• Posters up around campus
• Done with funding! Surplus granted us an extra $1300
5:19-5:34 ASUO Presidential Election
• Vote online by Friday!
5:35-5:5:44 Seminar Spring Series 2015
• Marine Theme?
• Tropical rainforest Theme?
• Pick something that pertains to university research more next time
5:44-5:5:44 GrEBES –reminder of mission statement


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