Meeting Minutes – May 6th 2014

Grebes Agenda Items:

Agenda items:

We are voting on who receives the 2 travel/research awards in our Grebes meeting tomorrow.
Please review the following applications before you come to the Grebes meeting. I have made 2 pdf documents for the 2 separate travel awards. They will be voted on separately. Travel Award 1 has 2 applicants, while Travel Award 2 has 5 applications (one is joint). You must be present in the Grebes meeting and an eligible Grebes member to vote, and you may vote for yourself.

Thank you, and see you all tomorrow!

Thom Nelson, Ashley Bateman, Allison Fuiten, Kristin Alligood, Christine O’Connor, Kyle Meyers, Anya Hopple, Alex Weimer, Robert, Heather Archer, Adam Burns, Dan Thomas, Lucas Nebert, Braedan McCluskey


5:00-5:5:33 UnderGrebes Application
• Alicia Ly, Sophie Sichel, Wes Horton, Connor Benson are the winners of the UnderGrEBES grants
5:33-5:5:36 Spring Seminar Series going on right now!
5:37-5:19 Travel Grant Award Voting
Allison wins!


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