Meeting Minutes – June 3rd

Agenda Items:
Check in with our Undergrebes with Alex W.
Grebes’ Officer Nominations/Election: think about who you would like to nominate for President, President-in-Training, Treasurer, and Treasurer-in-Training!
Spring Seminar Series 2014 Wrap-Up & Spring Seminar Series 2015 Topic Nominations/Vote
Discuss Grebes’ General Activities: What to Keep/What to Cut
Grebes Party @ Ninkasi this week – date/time TBD at this meeting!

Thom Nelson, Allison Fuiten, Kristin Alligood, Christine O’Connor, Alex Weimer, Ann Womack, Heather Archer, Robert Steury, Kyle Meyers,


5:04-5:05 Undergrebes good
5:05-5:07 Seminar Series: Kristin Alligood – $325
5:08-5:5:30 Seminar Series – next year – Oceans!
• Try to come up with a theme…
5:31-5:32 Wait until fall for picking some line items committees
5:32-5:40 Officer & Committee nominations
• Nominations – President – Allison
• President in Training – Christine
• Treasurer – Thom
• Treasurer in Training – Alex
• Seminar Committee – Kyle, Ashley, Kristin
• Welcome BBQ – Robert?
5:40-5:45 Activities to cut? No professional development next year
5:45-5:51 Grebes Party @ Oakshire this week
– Friday at 7:30 this meeting!


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