GrEBES Meeting Notes 09/26/15

1. Quick overview of GrEBES budget/activities for the quarter & year
2. President-in-training: This position still needs to be filled
3. Travel awards – when should we have the first round of awards?
4. Public seminar series – De-extinction and paleogenomics!

GrEBES activities
• Public seminar series
• Undergrad grad school panel
• UnderGrEBES
Things for us
• Winter retreat
• Welcome BBQ
• Travel funds

UnderGrEBES: Roo
President in Training: Jerrott
Fall Undergrad applying to grad school: Kyle or Anya
Winter Retreat: Anya $200
Travel award: First round? Don’t worry yet.

Public seminar series:
Confirmed: Dr. Jack Horner and Dr. Hendrick Poiner

State of the institute: wait for winter term
Stipend awards
Officer keeps money as incentive

Statistics modules:
Graduate education module (GEM) – open form, more unofficial

Anya Hopple
Ashley Bateman
Allison Fuiten
Thom Nelson
Felipe Campos-cerda
Jerrott Lebov
Kyle Meyer
Roo Vandegrift
Paul Reed
Braedan McMclusky
Keyyana Blunt
Katja Kasimatis
Kristin Alligood


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