GrEBES Travel Awards

In 2017-2018, GrEBES will continue to fund student travel awards. This year, multiple $1000 dollar travel scholarships will be available for members of the group to attend and present their research findings at a scientific conference or symposium of their choice.

Purpose and Description: Attending and presenting at scientific conferences is an essential part of the professional and intellectual development of graduate students in the sciences. However, funding can often be limited for graduate students to travel to and attend nationally or internationally-renowned meetings, yet no graduate student should go without this opportunity. Attending scientific conferences contributes to the following goals shared by the department and the UO Graduate School:

  • Educational and professional development of the student.
  • University and departmental recognition outside of Oregon and abroad.
  • Bringing fresh perspectives and new information to students and researchers at UO.
  • Disseminate novel research results to the scientific community.
  • Provide a novel and important experience for the student.

Funds will be awarded based on availability, need, and merit.

Award amount: $800-$1000

Description of the award(s):

  1. $1000 Travel Award: For travel to meetings/scientific conferences to be held prior to June 30th, 2018.
  2. $800 Travel/Research Award: For travel to meetings/scientific conferences, or to support research fieldwork, to be held prior to September 30, 2018.

Who can apply? Any member of GrEBES can apply. For the purposes of this award, a GrEBES member is defined as someone who has attended GrEBES meetings or assisted with GrEBES events at least once during the previous Fall & Winter quarters. Preference will be given to those who have not previously received an award, and those students with the most financial need.

To apply: See these Application Guidelines

Previous Awardees:

2016-2017 – Allison Fuiten, Keyyana Blount, Felipe Campos-Cerda, Precious Alex de Verteuil

2015-2016 – Kyle Meyer, Christine O’Connor, Thom Nelson, Roo Vandergrift, Braedan McCluskey

2014-2015 – Kyle Meyer, Anya Hopple, Thom Nelson, Keyyana Blount

2013-2014 – Allison Fuiten, Christine O’Connor

2012-2013 – Lorien Reynolds, Dan Thomas

2011-12: Keaton Stagaman – Keystone Symposium: The Microbiome in Keystone, Colorado March 4-9, 2012.


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