UnderGrEBES Awards

UnderGrEBES Research Award 2018 application OPEN!

Recipients of the Winter 2016 UnderGrEBES are Katie Nock, Megan Sherritt,
Kaitlin Brunik, Maria Sarao, and Johnathon Crandall. Congratulations!

In Fall 2011, GrEBES started offering four $500 research scholarships for undergraduates each year. These UnderGrEBES (UnderGraduate Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Students) will work closely with a graduate student mentor in an established research laboratory on campus throughout the academic year. The funds will provide for start-up research materials for the project.

Purpose and Description: Gaining research experience is critical for the undergraduate who aspires to follow a career or further education in science. The UnderGrEBES award program will provide undergraduate students at UO with the opportunity to become actively involved in scientific research. With these funds the students will be able to purchase the supplies necessary to begin, conduct, or complete a small research project in an established lab, and therefore learn about the process and excitement of scientific research. Currently, research opportunities for undergraduates at the UO are limited by lack of general research funds that can be devoted to undergraduate projects – the UnderGrEBES program aims to provide these opportunities.

Number of Awards: Each year, four $500 awards will be awarded.

Deadline for Application: February 9, 2018! Decisions to be made by the end of the term, with funding available for Spring Term research projects, which might continue into Summer and/or Fall.

Qualifications and Restrictions: Undergraduates will work under the mentorship of a graduate student in the Institute for Ecology and Evolution (IEE) at UO. Preference will be given to students who have not previously received an UnderGrEBES scholarship. Funds may only be used for research expenses, services, and supplies. The undergraduate may make other arrangements to be paid for their work (hourly wage or work-study), or may choose to sign up for research credit hours, work towards an honors thesis, or volunteer their time. There are no other restrictions.

Funds: $2000 was provided by the ASUO incidental fee fund to GrEBES, to provide for a total of four $500 awards.

Application: Apply for this year’s award here!

Questions/Comments: Cory LeeWays, the UnderGrEBES coordinator for this year at cleeway2@uoregon.edu.


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