Spring 2016 Seminar Series

The 2016 Spring Seminar Series theme is De-extinction where we will have seminars that will discuss current research involving bringing extinct animals back to life. We have three well known speakers scheduled for three separate days in Spring of 2016. Jack Horner, a paleontologist and a consultant for Jurassic Park, is speaking April 6.  Hank Greely, a law professor who researches bio-ethics is speaking April 27 and Hendrick Poinar, an anthropologist who studies ancient DNA, is slated for May 4. This event enhances the cultural and educational development of students at the UO by providing UO students the opportunity to hear prominent scientists discuss their research at a level accessible to a general audience. Additionally, with Dr. Hank Greely we are able to introduce discussion on the ethical issues that are associated with de-extinction, in addition to the current research work done in that field.


This Spring Seminar Series is a free and public event hosted by GrEBES (Graduate Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Students), an ASUO-supported student organization.

All seminars will be filmed and posted on the UO Channel at media.uoregon.edu.

Our first De-Extinction talk was a huge success! Below are some photos from Dr. Jack Horner’s public seminar:


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